About Me

I have always been fascinated by what motivates people. I began my professional life as a theater actress and delving deeply into the characters I played was my great love. 


I  worked in a wonderful theater company for over a decade and was fortunate to explore so many different types of characters in that time.  These lessons were invaluable and stayed with me as I transitioned to the role of an arts administrator.  For 15 years I worked professionally in the field of Arts-in-Education, helping to inspire thousands of young people across the state of Maryland. 


In order to do this, I worked very closely on a daily basis with a group of inspirational performing and visual artists and I began to discover my special talents in working one on one with people to navigate the twists and turns of a career in the arts. 

My earlier experiences as an actress served me well as it formed in me a deep empathy for almost everyone I came across. 

I can walk in someone else's shoes. 


In the early summer of 2013, I felt a need for change and decided to go back to school and explore a career in what still holds a very deep and unending fascination for me; what motivates people both consciously and subconsciously. We are often our own worst enemies and it is this simple fact that drives me personally to want to help people overcome their own obstacles, help people work for themselves instead of against themselves. 


My interest in Hypnosis began at a very young age and remembering those old amateur efforts made me want to take my knowledge to a much higher level.  Though I will work with clients from all and every walk of life, I have a special place in my heart for artists of all types.

I draw from my own experiences and feel that I can offer real help with the challenges faced.  It is my belief that we all have immense power within ourselves but often need help in harnessing and focusing that power to achieve our individual goals. Sometimes we have trouble just identifying what those goals even are.  Our conscious minds constantly chatter. Hypnosis is an amazing tool to communicate directly to the deepest level of who we are, bypassing all that irrelevant chatter. 

My study of Hypnotherapy has been an incredible journey,  and I am so excited to share the knowledge I have gained.  I promise my complete and total commitment to anyone seeking help. If you have read this far, you are curious, so please do get in touch with me. I will not accept clients I do not believe I can help, so you have nothing to lose.


Donna Sherman, CHt

           Harness the power of your mind through Hypnosis