What About Past Life Regression?

Photo by D.S.

In addition to my Hypnotherapy services to create positive changes in any arena, I am often asked about Past Life Regressions. So I will talk a little it about it here. Firstly, I assure you that I approach this offering in the same vein I approach all my Hypnosis work.  With the highest level of integrity and the same 100% confidentiality I offer to all of my clients.   My style is a  mixture of science and spirit, intuition and education.





We all have stories within us.  Stories buried deep within our subconscious minds.....

What is the source?

Could they be from a past life or even lives we have lived?  Or could they be, maybe, from a movie we absorbed as an infant cradled in a parent's arms? A song we heard playing?  Maybe events and situations that unfolded before us as children when we were too immature to make rational sense of them....


There are many possibilities of how subconscious stories arrive in us.


Ultimately, the source of these stories is not for me to say.  Each person is different and each person is also a mystery of amazing magnitude.  My clients seem to know very clearly, very deeply felt and intuitively what the source is that they end up pulling from. 

And this is what matters:

The individual's perception of both the story and the source. 


If you are curious about these stories, situations, that lie beneath your conscious recollection,  a Past Life Regression may be exactly the form of discovery that may enlighten you considerably.   Answering questions, allowing new connections to things possibly long forgotten.  Offering insight. Discovery.

Access to these stories underneath conscious daily life can be very valuable.   


As my practice has grown I find myself even more drawn to the rich life of the unconscious,  the part of ourselves that seems to know things....the part of us with surprising awareness of so much more than what surrounds us in our daily lives. 

You do not necessarily have to believe in reincarnation in order to undergo a Past Life exploration.


You only need to believe in the vastness and magic of the world inside your mind.  And the untapped resources contained within.


As your guide, I will safely lead you to the place where previously closed doors can be opened without fear or trepidation.  Where you can explore the deepest halls of memory without boundaries of time.  For many people this can be a life altering experience.

I avoid trappings of mysticism, parlor tricks or,  quite frankly, the entire myriad of inexplicable bullshit that can sometimes surround the concept of Past Life Regression.   Every person is a unique individual to me and hold their own key to what would serve them best to explore.

My job is only as experienced guide.  Upholding comfort, ease and safety as my highest priority for you as the traveler.


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